Corporate Culture

Academic Advantages


Honor Award

  • Innovation vitality list top10
  • Excellent cases of primary medical care in China
  • Top 100 innovative instruments in China
  • The most concerned brand in medical industry
  • Top 50 TEDA technology enterprises
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Top 100 Internet industry innovation
  • Top 50 of black horse competition
  • Outstanding enterprises in mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition

Development History

  • 2014
    The first medical grade wearable device in China, orange snoring Monitor 1.0, was registered and established.
    Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, visited Jinjing Internet venture cafe, where the company is located, fully affirmed orange's innovative products and ideas, and encouraged the combination of innovation, entrepreneurship and creation.
    Chengyi was favored by Honghui capital, a professional investment fund for medical and health industry, and won a round of investment of 5 million US dollars, taking advantage of this opportunity to deeply cultivate the mobile medical industry.
    In the black horse competition, China's largest innovative growth enterprise investment and financing selection competition, orange Yi won the annual Top 50.
  • 2015
    Establish the first three-level linkage snoring screening center in China.
    Chen Yi was invited to participate in the two sets of CCTV's smart wearable device column of "consumer proposition", and its products showed the true color of "real gold".
    Zhang Dan, the founder, was named the "star of mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in China.
    Orange Yi was listed in the top 10 of the 4th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition and won the excellent enterprise award in the finals.
    The clinical research of equipment medicine was published in the authoritative journal Chinese otolaryngology head and neck surgery.
  • 2016
    Orange is the only representative enterprise in Tianjin, China's top 100 Internet plus industry innovation enterprise in IDC.
    After the identification of "Tianjin high-tech enterprise", orange meaning was further recognized as "national high-tech enterprise".
  • 2017
    Strategic cooperation with Philips Wellcome, a leading global ventilator brand.
    Complete the b-round financing of RMB 70 million.
    Establish the first "remote respiratory chronic disease management center" in China.
    Selected in "Hurun Baifu - Top 100 new star enterprises with the most investment value in China"
    Cheng Yi was invited to attend the 26th annual meeting of China Medical Equipment Association for academic and technical exchange, and made suggestions and suggestions for the development of national medical equipment.
    At the second China grassroots respiratory disease prevention and control academic forum, Professor Chi Chunhua and Professor Yang Ting, the leading figures of respiratory medicine in China, assisted in the screening of primary chronic obstructive pulmona
    Philips has invested in the family of orange and Italy, and has carried out the management of chronic sleep respiratory diseases and laid out the personal health management ecosystem.
    Orange & Philips established the first flagship store of "sleep breathing experience center" in Shanghai to reshape the one-stop management service of sleep apnea from the perspective of customer experience.
  • 2018
    Orange Yi's first respiratory rehabilitation center was established in Caohu people's Hospital, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. The center carried out lung function examination and long-term treatment and management on the grass-roots high-risk COPD populati
    Orange Italy has won tens of millions of RMB B + round financing, Philips led investment, and Chongshan capital followed.
    With its leading position in the industry and outstanding innovation ability, orange Yi was awarded the title of "TEDA top 50 of TEDA in 2017".
    The first phase of the "happy breathing" project has been completed with the help of the national grading diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and standardized promotion. It has provided standardized programs f
    Focusing on sleep breathing and building brand strength, orange Yi won the most concerned brand award of arterial network top 100 medical industry in the future in 2018.
  • 2019
    Won the 2019 China grassroots medical innovation practice excellent case Award
    Awarded the title of science and technology gazelle enterprise in Tianjin and Development Zone in 2019
    Won the first batch of strategic emerging industry leaders in Binhai New Area in 2019
    Approved by Tianjin Technology Leading Enterprise
    Internet of things chronic disease management service is implemented in meinian dahealth to create AI intelligent management for single disease of sleep and hypertension
    Top 100 of China's innovative devices